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Gold Coast University Hospital

Gold Coast Health operates two major facilities, Robina Hospital and Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH).  GCUH is recognised as being among the top ten hospital buildings in the world and Gold Coast Health is establishing world class services to match.

The health service has an annual budget of $1.2 billion and a workforce of almost 8000. It is estimated that the Gold Coast is halfway through a decade in which the local population will grow by a staggering 150 thousand.  Further to the almost 600 thousand Gold Coast population, it also services another 230 thousand residents from New South Wales. Turning inevitable demand into opportunity is a priority for Gold Coast Health as it tackles global health trends like an ageing population and lifestyle-driven disease.

It has taken a three tiered approach to strategic planning for its community:

Primary care:  A new model-of-care built in partnership with general practitioners and founded on the best principle of world-class Integrated Care systems such as Canterbury, American Veteran’s Administration and Intermountain Health.  It involves dealing with chronic disease and other key conditions in partnership with GPs to standardise care pathways and reduce hospital admissions.

Secondary care: Gold Coast Health is revolutionising its access to and quality of secondary care services.  This means improving access to non-elective care and reducing waiting lists for elective work.

Tertiary care:  Gold Coast Health is significantly expanding the range of tertiary care services  it offers.  Comprehensive cancer care, a trauma service, neonates and cardiac surgery are now established.  Over ten professorial appointments have been made with further expansion planned with Griffith and Bond universities.

Gold Coast Health is rapidly expanding in a growth area.  Its focus is on delivering international class outcomes across all phases of care.  It prides itself on being the largest employer in the region and has an ambition to partner with industry and education providers to further develop its relevance in improved population health outcomes and the global health industry.

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